Why We Are Different

We do diabetic alert imprinting on puppies starting at day 2. If you are considering a diabetic alert dog, we will get you off to the right start.

We truly are different! We say this with confidence because we have tried very hard to be what we could not find when we were looking for a labradoodle breeder several years ago. Some of our competing breeders are starting to use this phrase “why we are different” that we started. Below are a few of the things that make us different. Please don’t just take our word for it. We challenge you to speak to us and then speak to other breeders. Visit others and then visit us. Meet their breeding parents and then meet ours. Compare what we offer, from the quality of our labradoodles to all our services and breeding practices. We feel confident you will notice the difference. We also like to give our adopting families names and phone numbers of other adopting families to hear directly from them  how they feel about their doodles, our services and their entire adoption experience.

All of our adopting families will get their doodle puppy along with a collar, a leash, puppy food, copy of vet records and shots, a complete puppy pack with coupons and information on several puppy topics and training, a professional training video, and more. Check out our testimonials below as well as on Facebook. Don’t forget to like our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/doosouth

  • Our Breeding

    We only breed 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation labradoodles. We suggest you be cautious of breeders that are breeding several different breeds.

  • One Of The First

    We were one of the first 50 breeders registered with ILA and until recently members of the International Australian Labradoodle Association. There are only approximately 125 approved member breeders by this association and only about 100 here in the united states. We adhere to and follow their very strict code of ethics, have an approved contract and health agreement, and put the highest attention on our breeding parents. Most of our parents are registered with the Labradoodles Association.

  • Choice Matters

    We allow you to pick your labradoodle! Some breeders choose for you or want you to pick your puppy just from a picture on their website. You should meet your puppy in person. We believe that puppies pick people as much as people pick puppies.

  • Environment

    Our doodles are raised in a clean home enviroment with daily socialization. We are not some big kennel operation.

  • Health Guarantee

    We offer a 26 month health guarantee! Ask us to send you a copy of our adoption agreement and our health agreement. Compare it to the others. Read their health agreement closely. They often have so many exclusions that theirs means little to you.

  • Support System

    We will gladly provide you families that will talk to you directly and give you information about their entire adoption experience! Ask other breeders for this as few will provide this information.

  • We Listen

    After each litter we survey our adopting families asking for their honest feedback about their doodle and their adoption experience! We continually stirve to become better and recognize those things that families tell us are special and make us different.

  • Competitive Pricing

    Our pricing is some of the most reasonable for any quality breeder! If you compare our f1b and or multi generation doodles against all others, we think you will find our pricing to be the most reasonable you will find.

  • Availability

    We are not just a “here is your puppy have a good life” breeder. We offer as much support and assistance to our familes as they desire. You may call us anytime with questions or help if needed. It is tough to get some breeders to talk to you before you buy your puppy, let alone after.

  • Partnering With Veterinarians

    All our puppies are vet examined and all vaccines are vet administered. We do not give our own shots. Most vets will not even recognize any shots administered by a breeder. We also have the vet remove the puppies dew claws most breeders do not because of the extra expense but we do.

  • Socialization

    Our home is clean, and the puppies are kept in the best environment and socialzed with other dogs, people, children, sounds and smells just like the homes they will be going to.

  • Conscientious Pedigree

    All of our breeding parents have been O.F.A. tested and we will only breed our parents if their results are acceptable for breeding. Our breeding parents also have been closely selected because of their wonderful temperament and disposition.

  • AKC/CGC Certified

    We are American Kennel Club certified instructors and evaluators for Canine Good Citizen training and certification. We can help you train and certify your dog to be  AKC/CGC certified.

  • Responsibility / Spay or Neutered

    Many other breeders require that your doodle puppy be spayed or neutered before they go to their new homes at 8 weeks. ** We are completely against this!!**  We require our families to have their doodles spayed before 8 months of age!! There are several articles and opinions out there about this topic. Some vets feel this is ok, however every vet that we have consulted on this topic says, “while there is no actual proof that it is harmful to the puppy, vets would prefer you take a less agreesive position and wait until the puppy is at least 6 months old.”  Putting a 7 week old puppy under anesthesia can be very tough on them. Most vets also believe there is reason to believe you could potentially effect the puppy’s growth and development by spaying that young.

    We do require that our doodles be spayed or neutered, but we leave it up to you and your vet to decide when the right time is, as long as it is done by 8 months of age. Don’t take our word for it. Call your vet and ask them!!!

Are we perfect? Absolutely not. We try very, very hard.We have produced nearly 400 doodles over 11+ years and we are only aware of 3 families that were not satisfied with their Doo South Labradoodle. We would even be willing to let you speak with them!

Hi Ed and Teresa!

I hope all is well as your new parents come to pick up their precious puppies!  I’ve been watching the videos and trying hard to convince myself that we don’t need another Doo South baby!  ; )

Cody was neutered today, and I have attached the paperwork for your records.  Thank you for trusting us to wait until he reached his 1st birthday.

We love Cody so much!  He is gentle, loyal, playful, and super smart.  Thank you for all of your hard work to ensure your puppies are well cared for and ready to meet their new families.  We tell everyone we know about Doo South!

All the best,

Lily Edwards

Dear Doosouth,

Our Bella was born to your Panda in September of 2013. I just wanted you to know, Bella is an exceptional dog. Sweet, sweet, sweet. She literally draws people to her. She is very smart, excellent retriever, VERY FUNNY, loves to play, but knows how to “chill”…very responsive to everyone! Did I  say smart? YES!

She doesn’t shed, and is quite beautiful.  I am so blessed that she chose us! We couldn’t be more pleased with her. People stop me frequently and ask me is she really as “happy” as she looks? Yes. Incredible temperament,  so sweet and sensitive. Just wanted y’all to know. She weighs 42 lbs.perfect size.

Thank you Doo South, she is MORE than you promised!

Catherine Remington

Catherine Remington

I just took Ranger to the vet for his annual check-up. He received numerous compliments on his beautiful appearance. The vet said, “He is perfect!” The vet was also very pleased with his teeth – good spacing and formation – ha!

We love this special doodle – he is a fabulous dog!

I hope you’re doing well.

Carrie Hilton

Karina and Ruben,

I can’t say enough about the temperament and intelligence of these dogs, in particular from the breeders at DooSouth. The breeders are Ed and Teresa Schwalbach. The coat that Bentley has I believe is F2 type which is basically non shedding and hypoallergenic. A good website I found when I was researching I will attach. It describes the types of coats and I found it very helpful.  http://www.sh-labradoodles.biz/labradoodles/coattypes.html  I have CC’d the Schwalbach’s to make an introduction. They can provide you details are stipulations on buying from them.

Happy to assist further if you have any questions.

Best regards,

Michael Haley

Michael Haley

Hi Teresa and Ed-

I can’t believe we are coming up on Riley’s 6th birthday on April 30th. He has been amazing!  And he still turns heads whereever we go.  He has been such a blessing and a core part of our lives.

I am attaching a picture of the 2016 Episcopalian dog calendar “Episcopups.”

Riley was selected for the cover.

I would like to send you a copy of the full calendar, but do not have your address. Please forward if you get a chance.

We are thinking of getting a brother or sister for Riley in 2-3 years so we will be back to you soon. We are considering a brown and white marti gras.

Hope you are well.


Scott Gauch & Patrick Bridges

Hermosa Beach, CA

Scott Gauch & Patrick Bridges

Hi Ed and Teresa, we are putting together some of our favorite photos of Moose for you.

Moose is such a charmer: funny, handsome, smart and sweet. He adapts well, downtown condo or country house, he just wants to be with his “people”. Already he is a great fishing and hunting companion for Chico and has just developed a “big boy bark” to protect me from anything amiss, like a possum in the night. People are amazed at how well he minds both of us, and he’s still just a puppy. He’s quite the celebrity at the Marina, everybody wants their own “Moose dog” after a day on the boat with him and we have given many friends your name for when they are ready.

Did I say he is adorable?? Thank you so much for Moose, he is just the best dog ever and enriches our lives every day!

Fondly, Shawn

ShawnAnd His Dog, Moose

I hope both of you are well! I just wanted to send you a note on our boy Brewster (formerly Big Blue – purchased February 2008) and let you know that he is the best dog we could have ever asked for. He turned four years old a couple of days ago and is as spunky and sweet as ever. He’s about 53 lbs. and living in Lawrence, KS, via Atlanta and Sacramento, CA. He’s a well traveled boy. We have a 10-month old daughter now and he loves her just as he loves my husband and I. He greets her every morning with kisses and affection and loves to play with her (although he wishes she would learn how to throw the ball). We get stopped all the time on the street and asked about Brewster and where we got him – people are always disappointed to hear he’s all the way from South Carolina because they’d like one just like him. Anyhow, just a quick note to you guys and a couple of pictures of our boy so you can see how he’s doing. We are thankful every day that we have him and our lives are much richer because of him.

Happy holidays!
Jennifer Grover

Jennifer GroverAnd Her Dog, Brewster

Hi there Ed and Teresa! I just wanted to give you and update on our labradoodle Gunnar. He is from the litter of Bailey and Hunter born in September of 2008. He is the most wonderful dog we have ever had. He is byfar the most intelligent dog we have ever seen–sometimes that is to our disadvantage since he has figured out how to open doors and drawers! But he also is the most obedient dog we’ve ever had. He always wants to please us and we typically only have to correct any unwanted behaviors once or twice before he learns what we are asking of him. This dog just looks at you differently than any other we’ve ever had. He appears to truly listen and process what you are saying. He is very communicative with his eyes. When he wants something, he comes and nudges you and then shows you what he wants (which usually is getting his frisbee or ball thrown, or maybe a back scratch). He is so loving and tender with our three boys and sleeps with them every night. We frequently walk in to find Gunnar lying face to face snuggled up with one of the boys, and their arms embracing one another. During the day, Gunnar is a wonderful running companion for me. He is a perfect gentleman on the leash and will go as long as I ask him. When we get back, I can tell him “go get your frisbee” and he can get it from the drawer below the dryer and bring it to me. He is AMAZING with that frisbee–he catches it mid-air! I’m attaching a photo of him jumping into the lake after his ball. He is such an athlete! Gunnar is such a wonderful addition to our family, we decided to take in another rescue labradoodle. He also is a wonderful dog, but there is a difference in intelligence, for sure. Gunnar is such a people-pleaser and is so quick to learn new things. I just wanted to let you know that you and Teresa definitely did a GREAT job! Thank you for working so hard to make amazing companions!

Arden Stelly and family
Anderson, SC

Arden StellyAnd Their Dog, Gunnar

Ed and Teresa, Below is a picture made of Bailey this morning. She was ready to go back inside for a nap after our romp outside. She is doing beautifully. Housebreaking is going well. She sits on command, comes on command and responds well to “No”. She is such a joyful addition to our family. She and our Jack Russell, Sheila, get along and play very well together. She has seen our vet twice…once for an initial “get acquainted” visit and again for her second puppy shots on Tuesday. She was well behaved with the vet and charmed the whole staff. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful little girl with us!! We love her so!!!!

Ron and Karen Armstrong

The Armstrong’sAnd Their Dog, Bailey

Ed and Teresa, Hello from Dallas! We recently have moved from Florida to Dallas, TX and wanted to give a quick update on Pitot our labradoodle. He is absolutely the best dog EVER! He was so great with our move and has quickly adapted to the cold weather here in Dallas. Next weekend we will take him to get his last haircut for a while so he has a chance to grow a nice winter coat to keep him warm. 🙂 Brad has been teaching him to become a running dog while he trains for a few races coming up. A few weeks ago, we had a family member get married here at Brad’s golf course, therefore we had tons of visitors and people coming in and out of our place. We got tons of complements on how well behaved Pitot was and how awesome his coat is. He made sure to greet everyone and was more than willing to go on plenty of walks with the grandparents. He has made several doggie friends in the neighborhood that he looks forward to visiting when we take him on his daily walks. We thank you again for allowing us the opportunity to own such a beautiful animal. Attached is a recent picture of him laying on our couch. His beard has recently been turning brown! 🙂 After much deliberation, we have been thinking about possibly getting another puppy as a friend for Pitot. We were wondering when you guys are planning to have litters in the late winter/early spring? We are going on a vacation in February, therefore we were looking at possibly getting a new puppy once we get back. If you could please give us some information on these litters, that’d be great. We hope all is well for you guys!

Brad, Morgan, & Pitot McDonald

The McDonald’sAnd Their Dog, Pitot

We adopted our labradoodle five years ago- Tallulah Belle “Lullah.” She is doing well and we do believe that we picked the best dog in the world!

The Appanaitis Family

The AppanaitisAnd Their Dog, Tallulah Belle "Lullah"

Here are a few pictures taken of Lily last month. I can take more a recent one if you would like. She is such a blessing to us! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to have her in our family. We thank God all the time for creating this dog perfectly for us! We hope you are all well. Many blessings!

Maghan Spring

Maghan SpringAnd Her Dog, Lily

Just a note to let you know how much I am enjoying Charlie. I’ve named him after my best childhood friend with whom I am still in touch. He has been vet-checked and they fell in love with him. He is already up to ten pounds and very active. I’ve taught him to ‘come,, sit, stay, and stay while I walk completely around him. Of course it is not perfect but he is one smart pup. The trainer was very surprised and said he has never seen a pup at that age working with commands. Last night was the first night he slept completely through without having to go out so the crate training is working. And finally this morning he and my cat sniffed each other. The cat has been in hiding since I brought Charlie home. Thanks so much to both of you for helping me write another happy chapter in my book of life.

Mickey Woodhurst

Mickey WoodhurstAnd His Dog, Charlie

We are hoping to get a Christmas card out this year, but only 1 child has a schedule that allows such a great picture:0) Just wanted to share and let you know how much we LOVE Mr. Grady!!! He has completed our family and we are so very thankful!!Merry Christmas from our family to yours.

The Ramages (Shawn, Tracey, Peyton, Mary Mack and Grady)

The RamagesAnd Their Dog, Mr. Grady

We could not have been blessed with a more loving snugglebug such as Seminole… Doo South Labradoodles – We thank you for allowing us to adopt Seminole as he’s brought SO MUCH joy, happiness, peace and unconditional love to our hearts over the past 4-years!! Happy Easter from our family to yours!!

Happy CustomerAnd Their Dog, Seminole

Ed and Teresa,
We have been meaning to drop you a note. I know you were very busy this summer with all those puppies, so I was waiting for it to settle down for you folks. We have been crazy lately with school and sports for the kids so sorry for the delay. We had the second pick from the litter, the chocolate female, we named her Chloe.

Well, I just have to say, from the very first day we brought her home, she has fit well into our family and exceeded our expectations. She is so good natured and very easy to train. And what a people lover! She follows me around all day. It makes me laugh, especially when I’m cleaning and moving from room to room. We used the jingle bells on the back door for training and she figured it out quickly. Everyone is amazed that she rings the bells every time she needs to go outside.
Accidents really don’t occur at all, probably haven’t since about a month after we got her… and even early on, the accidents were pretty sparse. We walk her regularly, she loves those walks. I think she enjoys meeting the other dogs being walked as well. Attached are a few pictures of her. We get compliments everywhere we go, especially at the vet. And people who visit our home love her temperament. Basically we just couldn’t be happier with the addition to our family. Thank you for all you do to keep the high breeding standards of your dogs. It shows.

Happy CustomerAnd Their Dog, Cloe

Ed and Teresa,
Just wanted to reach out to you and tell you how much we continue to love and enjoy Chazaq! We just returned from living in Belgium for 18 months and can tell you that the Eurpeans were very much swept off their feet by our wonderful Labraniche…labradoodle. Wherever we went, Bruge, Gent, Maastricht or Paris, he was welcomed and admired for both his beauty and his temperment. In EU, dogs are welcome everywhere. They stay in the hotels and are invited in resturaunts. Chazaq always showed his breed proud by being a gentle giant and sitting beside the table quietly. I have a friend in Brussels who has been watching your website and considering a labradoodle based on falling in love with Zaq.
When we first got Zaq we started right away with Bark Busters. We have continued the training. We just finished up a session and the trainer commented on the fact that Zaq is by far the best natually calm labradoodle she has encountered. We really think this is a result of the careful breeding that you do for temperment.
Now that we are back in North Carolina, we are very interested in getting a friend for Zaq. We would rather not go through the puppy stage again if we don’t have to. We are curious if you have know of any labradoodle that needs a home due to situations beyond the adopting families control or if you have a retiring breeding dog available. We are open to any suggestions you may have on this topic of adding a second dog to our ‘pack’.

Andrea and Rob Atripaldi
Gabriele, Olivia and Samantha

The Atripaldi’sAnd Their Dog, Chazaq

I will be very honest in saying that after we visited with you guys yesterday, we knew that this is the route that we want to go in getting our next family member. During these past 2 months of losing our dog Jeepers, I have searched endlessly for the “right” “meant to be” dog through resuce shelters, humane societies, private homes, etc. and kept meeting dead ends. It wasn’t until I came out to your place yesterday with my son, that I knew in my heart that God had put us there for a reason and that no matter how long it took we would work to be able to buy a dog from you all. Brayden absolutley felt the same way and, therefore, his excitement has spilled over onto the other kids.



Teresa and Ed,
Olive rocks! She is such a good dog and is a dream with the children. She plays when we’re playing and chills when we are hanging out.We love her and she is perfect for us!!

EmilyAnd Her Dog, Olive

We love her. Been meaning to write for a while but she is exceptional. Her name is Olive and she could sit, shake, lay down and fetch by about 12 weeks and was fully potty trained by 16 weeks. She comes to work with me everyday and at home tolerates the kiddies playful wrestling etc…She thinks they are her litter mates.
Thank you. How are things with you guys? We have been talking you guys up, and when people meet Olive they always want to know where such an exceptional dog came from

Beezer MoltenAnd His Dog, Olive

I hope you and Teresa are doing well. We took the liberty of renaming Mila, “Zoe-Magnolia”.
Enclosed are pictures taken today, 2-28-10.
We could not be happier with our Doodle. She is just wonderful and we appreciate everything you’ve done to make our Doodle experience just perfect. “Zoe” is now completely house-trained at 4 months old, retrieves perfectly, and is a pleasure to train because of her intelligence. She has been examined twice by our vets in Mt. Pleasant and determined to be in great health. We are socializing Zoe with many other dogs, children, and adults alike. She has a very pleasant disposition and a great deal of character, not afraid of new experiences and other animals, even much larger ones. Zoe is being pampered and coddled, but well trained. She is just beautiful and gets many compliments.
Again, let’s stay in touch and we will be on the lookout for friends and neighbors we can recommend getting a Doodle from you both.

Best regards:
Jeff Roberts

Jeff RobertsAnd Their Dog, Zoe-Magnolia

I am sorry that we missed your phone call last night. We were out showing our new family member off. Everyone is in love with her already. We named her Roxy. She needed a name that was a little sassy, just like her. She slept on the way home, but by the time we got to Weaverville she was in full play mode. The other dogs are great with her they are amazed at her energy. She slept through the night the first night and got up about 6:30 ready to play. Last night was a different story she was not as happy. Hopefully tonight will be better for her. I can’t thank you and Teresa enough for helping Tyler, he is so proud of her and she follows him every where. She also cries if he does not take her outside/inside with him. I think they will be best buddies forever. It is wonderful to see my son so excited about something. Roxy goes to the vet Wed am they are very excited to meet her because my vet has one. Thanks for everything.

God bless you both,
Tammy Baldwin

Tammy BaldwinAnd Her Dog, Roxy

Ed and Teresa!
We can’t believe Molly will be a year old on Monday! What a year it has been. She continues to bring us joy and happiness – she is such a sweat dog! She is about 28 lbs – still a light weight…but we think she is probably as big as she’ll get. She’s all hair as well…that wonderful fleecy soft hair…only downside as you know is we have to keep on top of the brushing …the trade off for non shedding!!! She has the best personality – she really just wants to be near us at all times and so if we leave a room she is on you like glue. If my son runs out of a room or runs up the stairs she freaks out…that high pitched squealing that sounds in between crying and barking – its hilarious. When we walk as a family if someone moves ahead or drops behind she doesn’t like it…she really wants everyone together as a pack! She still loves socks… but has not destroyed anything in the house except one red pen. She is so darn cute it is hard to be mad at her. We love her more and more each day as she settles into becoming an adult. She has full run of the house now and she does great.

Happy Customer

Helo Ed and Teresa,
Just thought I would send you a quick update on the girls. I hope you enjoy these photos, they were taken on June 17 when they were 13 months old. In June they both passed their Canine Good Citizen test and their Therapy Dog test (with Therapy Dogs International)! They did so well, the instructor said they were the best two! We have given your contact information to everyone who is interested. There was another Labradoodle (multi gen.) in our obedience class that was not nearly as attractive (or good natured), leading several people asked about our breeder. We cannot say enough about the care, quality and HIGH standards you adhere to, and how well you know your puppies. Their personalities are exactly as you predicted when they were 7 weeks old! We continue to love them and enjoy them more with each passing day.

Debbie Frye

Debbie Frye

Ed and Teresa,
We have had a wonderful weekend with “Fudge”! That’s what we named him.
He is the sweetest thing! All the family loves him. Okie and Lacey are tolerating him. Okie won’t look at him! I think Okie thinks if he doesn’t look at him maybe he will go away!! Okie will be better in about a week. Fudge sure loves Okie though!
Follows him all over the house! Fudge had visits from everybody in the family. He slept until 5am Sunday morning. I woke him up when I got up to use the restroom, he heard me walking around. He didn’t want to go back to bed!! He finally settled down at 7am and we went back to sleep too.
I am still amazed at how God worked it out so he could be ours. I’ve shared the story with everybody!
We will be going to the Vet tomorrow. I’m sure he will check out just fine and I know Dr. Patch and his staff are going to love him too.
Thank you for letting us come and meet your labradoodles and being a part of a great gift we have from the Lord.

God Bless,
Keith and Wynn Flynn
PS. I’ll send pics later

The Flynn’sAnd Their Dog, Fudge

Hello Ed and Teresa:

We want to thank you from the bottom of our heart for bringing Cayenne into our lives. She has been a very special little girl and we have thoroughly enjoyed having her as part of our family. At Cayenne’s first Vet appointment she weighed in at 10.4 pounds. The Vet was very impressed with Cayenne and thought she was exceptionally beautiful! This evening as we were sitting at the table eating dinner, Cayenne walked over to the door and nudged the Poochie Bells with her nose. I jumped out of my chair and immediately praised her. We went outside and she quickly went to the bathroom – getting a nice treat!! It is hard to believe that only after one week, she understands what the bells are for. We love her calm, sweet and loving personality! I just can’t stop taking pictures of her. So, I have attached a few for you to see her in new home.

Warm regards,

CarlaAnd Her Dog, Cayenne

Dear Ed and Teresa,

I just wanted to let you know how our puppy is doing. We have the puppy from Charity’s litter with the lime green collar. Well, she is doing great. She is so smart, and is making great progress with her house training. She has also learned many commands (Come, sit, down, drop it) and we’re working on walking with a leash. She is sleeping about 7 hours at night in her crate beside our bed. She starts puppy kindergarten this Saturday at a local dog training place.We are very happy to have her as a part of our family.

Jane Harris

Jane Harris

Hi Ed and Teresa,
Hope you are well! I wanted to shoot you a quick email with some pictures of Jack!! He has been so much fun, a wonderful puppy, learning so much so fast and growing so big. He had his second vet appointment yesterday and already weighs 11 pounds 🙂 He absolutely LOVES sand, I took him to the beach this weekend and he went nuts running and playing. He already took his first swim and was a natural as well.
Also, i have some videos of him on youtube!
Video 1
Video 2
Thank you so much for everything, I don’t know what I ever did without little Jack in my life!

Happy CustomerAnd Their Dog, Jack

Hi y’all! We’re in love with the new pup…we finally named him Rex which is the name Drew seems to love. He went for his well check and 9 week shots today. He was an angel and everyone at the vets office loved him and wanted to know all about him and where he came from. . . and of course, we shared the info. about his wonderful breeders.
He has slept through the night every night except one and he’s had no accidents during the night…what a smart baby, sleeping for 8 or 9 hours at only 9 1/2 weeks old! Wow! Can’t you tell it’s been so rough having the last pick 😉 ?
I’m attaching a picture of Drew with him and I’ll also send another one in a separate e-mail…they’re high resolution photos.

Thanks for everything,
Laura, Todd, Drew and Rex Lawton

The Lawton’sAnd Their Dog, Rex

Hi Ed and Teresa,
Fenway went for her vet visit yesterday and she looked great according to the vet. She weighed in at 6 pounds 9 ounces and got her next set of vaccines. Everything checked out well. Right now she is actually right next to me and trying to help me type. She thinks she can do it better than I can. She says to tell you both she said woof woof (hello in human).
We are so excited about having her she is just the smartest, sweetest, most wonderful pup we could ever hope for. She had her first training session on Sunday and did great. Murray even joked about taking her home with him. She is doing well and getting on a schedule with her eating, sleeping, and going to the bathroom. She has had minimal accidents in the house and is learning to heel very well. Lee’s Mom is sure that she is going to very easy to teach to read in a few months. We’ll let you know about that when it happens.
Lee and I were so pleased with our whole experience. From the time I came and visited you all in March to coming and picking Fenway up, we couldn’t have been happier. We didn’t feel rushed or pushed at all when we came to pick her out. It was an all around great experience and we can’t wait to do it again in a couple of years. I don’t think anyone could have gone wrong with any of the pups from Autumns litter.
We hope all is well with you both and with all the pups, Mommy’s, and Daddy’s.
Thank you for our perfect little angel,
Kelli, Lee, and Fenway
P.S. Is there any way we could get a written receipt for Fenway’s total cost for our records as well as a receipt for tax purposes for the $100 donation? We appreciat it!

Kelli and LeeAnd Their Dog, Fenway

I discovered Doo South on the internet after a number of months of searching. I sent Ed an email to do some inquiry, and within about 20 min he called me on the phone. He proceeded to spend about 45 min of his time talking with me about their dogs and puppies. I learned more about the breed, about what to look for in a breeder, and he answered my 50,000 questions patiently and fully. We then moved into the next phase, and went to visit the current litter of pups. He was again, very gracious with his time, and really helped us feel comfortable and welcome. We love his philosophy and practices around pricing, choosing a pup, and his whole approach to what is clearly his ‘passion’ and business. It sure seems less of a business to him and more of a passion. He loves the dogs, and pups and wanted to ensure we were all ready for adopting one of the pups. Since we adopted Molly, our lives have been enriched and she is an absolute joy. She is so smart, has a sweet disposition…and you have to love the no shedding feature! Her coat is currently very fleecy, soft and velvety. During our first few days at home, Ed called and checked in on how we were doing multiple times. We had to call as well as we have never had a pup before and were unsure about everything… again, Ed calmed our nerves, never telling us what to do – but always giving us great advice and sharing his practices with us. To this day, I know I can call him about anything and I know he’ll still be there for us.
This whole experience has been fantastic, and we could not be happier with our puppy, or with Ed and Teresa. I’ve been singing their praises constantly!!

Happy Customer

I received your voicemail tonight. Schuyler is doing great. With fingers crossed, we might venture to say she is house trained . She also knows how to “sit” “off” and “down.” We are working on “leave it” and “stay.” She did start acting a little strangely with the command “stay.” She has started lowering her head and walking away when we say “stay.” No one has had a bad or negative training session with her so we aren’t sure where it is coming from, but we took a day off from our 5-min. training sessions and then we have started training that word with two people at a time—one to give the command and one to keep her in place and show her the correct way to do it and it seems to be working. If you have any suggestions we are more than open to ideas.
What are your thoughts on puppy classes? I didn’t sign her up for the next one offered at a place called Dog Haven (recommended by our vet) because she would have JUST turned 3 months old when it starts. Once she has all of her shots, I plan to walk her to my sons’ preschool and in the park fairly regularly. We see dogs all the time and our neighbors have dogs so I am not worried about socialization. We will definitely enroll her in obedience when she is old enough. She is a joy. She loves to be brushed, loves playing with the kids (and us), and learns very quickly. She is also incredibly adorable.

We couldn’t be happier!

JenniferAnd Her Dog, Schuyler

Hi Teresa and Ed,
I just wanted to say Thank you for Oscar!! He is adjusting just fine into our family- it’s like he has always been with us.. He is a perfect fit.. He has already traveled with us from Winston Salem to Charleston, SC where he met plenty of dog friends..We were very impressed with how well he traveled in the car lying in between our two children for 4-5 hours.. He is the funniest dude too.. He tries his hardest to play with our older two female dogs, but they do not want to engage in the puppy play (they are more like furniture in their old age).. I think he has found a playmate in our daylillies as he LOVES to hop from day lilly to day lilly like a bunny!! Oscar is an early riser and is getting used to his crate. He loves to ride with me to take my daughter to school each morning and loves smooth jazz music.. (this is what he listens to when I am running errands in the morning and he is crated).. I am hoping to start some basic training with him soon- I have another vet visit on MOnday for him to receive his next round of vaccinations.. HOpe you all are well.. I wanted to include a picture of this handsome fellow.. He is truly a delight and we love him so much!!

Happy CustomerAnd Their Dog, Oscar

What an awesome puppy! She is our greatest joy. She struggles a little with the toliet habits (only because she has discovered how much fun it is to play with the leaves) it seems to distract her and she just plays and plays and then after an hour or so she goes back in and oops!!!!!!! But, most of the time she gets it! She knew so much just from you and Teresa working with the litter! Everything you told us is 100% true. She is a companion and she expects to be treated like one. She has the crate down perfect- – she just wants it to be next to your bed at night. This dog has no idea whatsoever that she is not human and she expects to be raised as a child! We love her- – Thank you for all you did for us raising this wonderful doodle! She is simply “doodiful” and so smart! Saw on the webcite you new puppies! What lucky little puppies and future parents of them! Have a wonderful holiday and God Bless you!



Hi, Ed and Teresa.

Hope you are all doing well and not too tired from taking care of your newest litter! Just wanted you to know that Dory (Purple) is doing GREAT. She is such a sweet puppy! We could not be happier. She bonded with us so quickly – she was a member of our family by the time we were home from picking her up. We so enjoyed meeting both of you. You do a very good job with raising your pups! I have attached some pictures and will keep you updated on her – I could tell how much each of the puppies mean to you both.Take care,

Sara Bergman

Sara BergmanAnd Her Dog, Dory

Mary Campbell Westmoreland

Ed, Jack is doing great. He is still very sweet and loving. He is extremely calm and good with the children. We would be happy to be a reference and talk to people about Jack. He is so eager to please and makes friends and fans everywhere he goes. We like to show him off!

I hope you guys are doing well.

Rachel Hester

Rachel HesterAnd Her Dog, Jack

When I started looking for my first dog, I settled pretty quickly on the Labradoodle, but finding the right breeder to work with was another story. I researched every breeder I could find from here to Australia and back. I narrowed down my requirements: The breeders had to love their dogs who would be the parents of my puppy. They would take good care of my puppy from birth until I got her home with me. Ideally, they would be within driving distance since I continue to have concerns about shipping a tiny puppy across the continent in an airplane cargo hold. This would be my first dog and I had no idea other than what I had read about how to raise a puppy. For this reason, I wanted breeders who would be able and willing to support and guide me from early on in the process. And, I really wanted to be able to visit the puppy before I brought her home, so I wanted breeders who would welcome me into their home.
I found all this and more in Ed and Theresa Schwalbach. They were raising their first litter, and I knew immediately that they would make sure the puppies got all the love, attention and care that I wanted my puppy to have in her infancy. Because they are only an hour’s drive from me, I was able to meet my Coco for the first time when she was only three weeks old. I met her parents, Bailey and Bromley as well, and both of them are just wonderful. Bailey was very focused on her pups, but she greeted me and hung around a few minutes before returning to the litter. Bromley immediately cuddled with me and was very friendly and sweet – he’s a real charmer! Coco is now 13 weeks old, and she is delightful. She has an incredibly sweet personality, she is playful and cute and very bright. She has already learned “sit” and “high five” and “down”. In terms of her looks, she has a beautiful, soft, curly coat of the most gorgeous chocolate color. She has bright, expressive, hazel-colored eyes and is well proportioned and growing like a weed. She is everything I hoped for and more. I couldn’t have asked for a better match both in terms of the puppy I got and the opportunity to work with Ed and Theresa.

Tena Frank

Tena Frank

Just wanted to let you know that Baci is doing great. He loves everyone and every dog that doesn’t bark at him. He is pretty well house broken, will come when called, will sit for treats, and is learning to fetch. He is over 20 lbs so I guess he is going to be a big boy. He has one little grey hair which I guess is Bromley’s contribution. Thanks for a great pup.

Joleen Ardaiolo And Family

Joleen ArdaioloAnd Her Dog, Baci

Hello, Ed. I’m thinking that an e-mail I sent about three weeks ago didn’t make it to you. If, in fact, it did not, I want you to know how much we are enjoying Carrie! Yes, her name is Carrie (not the “Gracie” that we were calling her when we stopped in route to Hilton Head–Erin, our younger daughter, would not agree to Gracie, so it was back to the drawing board on a name and we all agreed on Carrie). Anyway, Carrie is a delight!!! She’s sooo cute and very smart! Potty training is almost mastered (of course, we’re still very watchful of her pottying
needs, but she does great and will now ask to go out), she LOVES water (hose, sprinkler, bath, water bowl, lake), and is the best family dog we could ask for. She enjoys dancing with our five-year-old and has learned the “sit” command (she probably would know more commands than that if I had had more time to regularly work with her). Anyway, this next week she’ll spend with my parents (who cannot wait to have her back for a visit as we’re off to Disney World; she’s stayed with them for one long weekend when we were in Atlanta and they thoroughly enjoyed having her). As I write, David has taken the girls and Carrie to his parents (they love her, too) for the evening. We’re going out for our anniversary. Carrie is just so adaptable. We cannot say enough nice things about Carrie and our dog adopting process. We will get some pictures to you (eventually) and thank you, again, for helping us bring Carrie into our family.


JulieAnd Her Dog, Carrie

Ed and Teresa,
I just wanted to let you know how wonderful Brinkley is. We believe he is truly the best, cutest puppy ever to be born. He looks almost identical to the pictures you have on the Internet of Mr. Moose. At 4 months he was house-trained which was quite a relief. He continues to stay ahead of the average in size for labradoodles of his age. We have a big yard for him to run in when we are out. When we are inside he is contended just staying close to us. He does love to play tug of war and hide and seek with one of us. We had a dinner party, recently, for about 30 people. We let him out to “meet and greet” after we ate. Many of the guests said he was the cutest dog they had ever seen and no one could believe he was just 4 months old. Brinkley stayed with Linda Nichols who got Fletcher from you, while we went to the beach last week. I was worried about leaving him. We were so pleased when we returned and went to pick him up. He was glad we were there but continued to follow Fletcher everywhere, after he greeted us. They get along wonderfully. He learned alot by being around Fletcher. He stopped getting car sick. I truly believe it was because he watched Fletcher and learned that riding in the car is fun. He, probably accidentally, followed Fletcher into the river at the park where Linda takes Fletcher to run and play. Linda said he seemed a little shocked but swam beautifully and followed Fletcher back to shore Linda couldn’t get Brinkley to sleep in his crate, probably because Fletcher sleeps on a large dog pillow. After 2 nights of trying, she gave up. Brinkley slept on Fletcher’s pillow for the remainder of the week. Paul didn’t get the crate out of the car when we got home. We are going to get him a pillow like Fletcher’s. Our bedroom door is closed at night, anyway. Once again, we just love Brinkley and think he is the best puppy God ever made. I don’t think I ever sent the paperwork back for your survey. Please note that I answered everything at the highest possible score. You all do a great job with these beautiful dogs.

Carol Driskill Law

Carol Driskill LawAnd Her Dog, Fletcher

Hi Ed,
I’ve been meaning to e-mail you some pictures, but I need to get Harvey’s digital camera so that I can e-mail. I’m still using the 35mm camera- need to get more into the computer age. Jazz is really growing fast, she’s lean but tall. She loves outdoors so she runs and plays daily in the water. It’s really difficult to keep her groomed. I like the long and shaggy look, but we have to keep her coat trimmed a little closer now. In fact, she’s at the groomers this morning. We took a weeks vacation and when we returned her head was matted so they may have to cut her close. She is so adorable and smart. Harvey and I couldn’t be happier. Harvey tells me on a daily basis what a great choice it was to get a labradoodle and I just love the no shedding part! She is pretty much a spoiled girl. I’ll send you pictures soon. Hope all is well with you and Teresa.


TerriAnd Her Dog, Jazz

Hi Ed,

Thought I’d give you an update on the kids! They’re doing GREAT! Can’t tell you how much fun it is to have both of them. They get along great, play together all the time are really well behaved – EXCEPT for last night. Went out for a few hours and tried leaving Sadie out of the crate with Bentley in the same room – came home to a really big mess – they got into a decorative nick-nack on my coffee table and created havoc!! Nothing of any value destroyed but big mischief!! Wish I had had a camera on that one!!

Seriously, they are doing great. We just love them. Lately I’ve been watching alot of World Cup Soccer in the middle of the day – I’m a big fan. I sit on the floor in front of the TV with Sadie on one side and Bentley on the other – heads in my lap – HEAVEN!! They are so affectionate and lovable. I’m seriously thinking about doing pet therapy with them when they get a little older. They would really brighten anyones day.

Question – they both have haircuts next week and am thinking about having them shaved really short so the heat doesn’t bother them. You think that’s a good idea? Have been walking them early morning and late at night but they do get really hot. What do you think?Hope all is well with you.


KathyAnd Their Dogs, Sadie and Bentley

Hi Ed!
My girls and I enjoyed meeting you so much today along with your wonderful family of “doos”! Please tell Teresa that we are sorry we missed her and look forward to meeting her on May 27/28. We were very impressed with your home and kennel facilities. They reflect much love and concern for your pets…not just a “puppy farm”! Thanks again for opening your home to us. See ya in two weeks!

Margaret Funke

Margaret Funke

Hi Ed and Teresa,

Hope you are both doing well. I wanted to let you know that Jazz has been spayed and is back to to her old self again. I know you talked with Harvey when I was out of town last week. Please feel free to give us as a reference anytime. Of course, we can’t say enough good things about our Jazzie. We adore her and she absolutely gets all the attention in the house. The ease of transitioning to a dog in the house is largely due to the love and attention you both give the pups. We strongly feel that Jazz had an advantage starting out. She is really smart and it’s amazing how she communicates her needs and we can actually understand her.

There is one thing I would like to ask you about. The vet said to remove the hair from inside her ears since she is a poodle. We have had the vet and groomer do it so far, but I’m sure it’s something I can do on my own. Jazz lets me do whatever I want to her ( ears, mouth etc.). What method do you use. I don’t want to hurt her so if you have any tips in this area, please let me know.

Also, should I send you a copy of the vet bill for her spay visit?

Take Care,


TerriAnd Her Dog, Jazz

Dear Ed:
We wanted to provide greater depth of answers in relation to Doo South and Junah. Junah is an absolute joy. We searched various breeds and breeders, but were motivated to find a breed of dog that would have the potential to be a therapy dog: highly intelligent, affectionate, calm, vivacious and adaptable. Discovering labradoodles were bred to be non allergenic and non shedding was an amazing plus. Once we settled on the breed, the labyrinth of breeders was daunting, although most breeders of labradoodles appeared to be in love with the dogs.

We were overjoyed to find Doo South who not only demonstrated their love of the dogs, but also their commitment to make the world a better place through their faith and generosity. Ed and Teresa, you answered every question promptly and to the best of your ability. Rarely did we have to wait for a response and no question appeared too small or insignificant. You provided references to owners from a previous litter and we had the pleasure of meeting them before making a decision about committing to Doo South.

You advised us when it looked like the mother was about to give birth about 24 hours before she actually gave birth. Then within HOURS of introducing nine new little puppies to the world you told us they had arrived. We were informed every step of the way.

You posted photos on the website with regularity and commentary and telephoned to update us as appropriate. We were welcomed to meet the puppies once the first month passed, and provided honest information about where we fit in the sequence of selecting a puppy. Needless to say, after a minute with the puppies it was apparent EVERYONE had won the lottery. The personalities and attitudes were just starting to emerge, but they were all they had been bred to be. The parents, Bromley and Bailey were equally agreeable and accommodating in every visit.

We brought Junah, a small chocolate fleece-haired female home on the 23rd of December. Three weeks later we remain astounded by her behavior, personality and adjustment. The first night we were prepared for a sad puppy after leaving her littermates, but she made the transition smoothly, quietly and without anxiety. The next day I became anxious by her quiet agreeableness (was she mute? was something wrong?) and started to worry when we had not heard a bark out of her – after 30 hours she gave her first/appropriate bark! She still barks only sparingly and when “necessary”. Junah rapidly housetrained herself, easily crate trained and eats beautifully. She is quick, funny, inquisitive and immediately responsive. She is NOT particularly camera friendly because she wants to lick the lens and rushes to get too close to the camera so we can’t take too many pictures unless she is sleeping. She almost doubled her weight in two weeks and started puppy socialization class. Personalitywise she matures by leaps and bounds daily. She even sits calmly when strangers come to the front door.

We couldn’t ask for a more ideal family member. We adore Junah and believe her success today is because of the efforts/attention/concern/consistency that you, Ed and Teresa provided as a basis for her development. Also, we are using the same vet recommended by a woman who has a Labradoodle from Bailey and Bromley’s previous litter. The vet is extremely impressed by Junah and the veterinary staff love her older sibling as well. Both dogs are almost identical in markings) The staff point out the similarities between the two dogs when we are there for shots or classes.

I’ll try to send a picture shortly. Thank you a million times over. We are happier with Junah than we ever thought possible. In the future, we would be happy to be references or speak with potential labradoodle owners at your request.

Best wishes,
Michelle and Joseph Worth

The Worth’sAnd Their Dog, Junah

Hi Teresa and Ed,

Just a short note to let you know that Duncan is doing great. He’s been to the Vet once and got a shot and had his chip put in. He is so sweet (most of the time), except for the five minute puppy crazy time he goes through once in awhile. His little teeth are so sharp. Steve and I both have bandaids on our hands and his little teeth got caught in three pairs of my pants. He will start training a week from Tuesday. Steve calls on a nurse, and her husband trains german shepards for the prisons and others. He will be coming to our house to train him and when he gets older, he has group classes Duncan can go to also. Duncan has slept in his crate next to our bed from the first night we brought him home. When I figure out how to send you pictures I will be sending some. Our daughter took one with the hamburger toy you gave him, that is so cute.

You mentioned someone is interested in DooSouth and would like to see Duncan. That would be find with us. You may give them my email or phone number. We like to show him off.

Hope everything is fine in the DooSouth house, I bet its a little quite right now. Has Teresa caught up on her sleep yet? Take care.

Judy and Steve Lee

The Lee’sAnd Their Dog, Duncan

Hi Ed,

Thought you might enjoy these pictures of Bentley now that he is 6 months old. I have to tell you, he is absolutely the BEST dog!! I take him running with me now and he had the ultimate test on Sunday. We went to the jogging trail where all the really cool dogs go with their owners. And everyone was stopping me and asking me what he was/where I got him/isn’t he beautiful etc etc. He was such a big hit!!! He is so well behaved, so smart, so affectionate, so playful and mellow all rolled into one. When are you having another litter? If we could get another one as great as Bentley, we would very much consider a playmate for him. Let me know please.

He is just terrific and a wonderful addition to our family.Thanks again,

Kathy Michaelis

Kathy MichaelisAnd Her Dog, Bentley

Dear Ed andTeresa:
Thanks for letting us visit you today and take time out of your busy life. It was a pleasure to meet you and the “family.” Having been around groups of dogs all my life, I have rarely encountered a more peaceful and contented group. They were polite, attentive, nondemanding and clearly evidenced their own unique personalities. There were no signs of stress or anxiety around new people, they were highly flexible, and social. Not only are you doing well, you, Teresa and Doo South are doing fabulously. Joe and I were also impressed with your attitude, knowledge and willingness to share it all with us.

We look forward to the next phase of our life,
Best wishes,


Hey, Ed!!!!
Got a new computer so my old addresses did not port; Hershey is great.. New name Charlie. He comes perfectly when I call him so he has not yet been shocked by the electric fence, I do not have the heart to do it. He is growing by leaps and bounds and I will make an appt this wk to neuter him….Obedience is no problem as he will do anything I ask. He happily stays in the house all day with lily while I am at work, with access to the deck, but runs outdoors with her when I come home; no accidents while loose in the house all day. I could not ask for better personality. He adds thicker coat and more size daily. He needed a teddy so I gave him one of my daughter’s and he is thrilled. I love him dearly and so does lily; I am very grateful to have him. Will send a picture soon. Xxxooo

Joanne Peck

Joanne PeckAnd Her Dog, Hershey

Abbie (#12) is wonderful. We could not be more pleased. She is already in intermediate obedience classes ( she is perfect with the basics, sit ,stay,down,heel, walk,) so we have moved on to the second stage. She loves learning new things. She is so smart. She has grown so much. I think she might be almost as tall as her mom. He coat has changed slightly, from jet black to black with a hint of brown. We are still brushing out the undercoat. Does this eventually all come out? It knots up in some areas and is very hard to brush out. Also I was curious
about her ears. I see the hair growing deep in the ear, should I have this removed ? None of the books on labradoodles mention the ear hair. Her curl is beautiful, just what we wanted. I will take some current pictures soon and send them to you. We also have an appointment in a couple of weeks to have her spayed. She will be about 7 months at the time. Do you think that is ok? She makes us laugh all the time. He personality is so funny, even her expressions make us laugh.

Thank you so much and keep up the good breeding.
Geri and Woody Hinkle

The Hinkle’sAnd Their Dog, Abbie

Sorry, i just checked this e-mail account, i have a new one. I will send you guys a new picture as soon as i get home today! Good to hear from you!! Ziggy is doing great and is a very
good dog!! I will send new pics this afternoon!Oh and yes i would be glad to be a contact person for you guys.

Ken Strange

Ken StrangeAnd His Dog, Ziggy

Well, need I say that Coco Chanel is the most wonderful dog in the world?? I know everyone thinks that about their dog, but in this case it’s true! 🙂 Everyone else tells me this. She is the star at Soapy Dog where she gets bathed and at At Play With Sparky, where she goes for playcare.

Seriously, she has grown into a truly delightful creature. I will send pictures along. I am just learning some of the tricks of using my photo program, so I’m hoping to do that in the next couple of weeks. I’ll take some pics right after I groom her the next time. Yes, I learned to do this myself. “They” (the various labradoodle chat rooms I visited) say that you can groom them only a couple of times a year, but that just doesn’t work with her. She has a beautiful coat. Nice soft hair in lovely loose curls. But when she was changing from the puppy coat to
her adult coat, she ended up with huge mats behind her ears and on her neck. And that was after I had had her groomed by a professional a couple of times and she still came home with mats behind her ears.

This is probably the friendliest dog I’ve ever met. She’s always eager to greet people – hence the struggle with no jumping. She has never met a person she didn’t like or shied away from. Young, old, big, little, in wheelchairs, homeless, black, white, male, female… it doesn’t matter. She loves them – and they love her. She really is ideally suited to become a therapy dog, which is the next step for her once she gets her manners down pat. That was confirmed for me one day when I was downtown and a woman in a wheelchair wanted to pet her. She walked up quietly, sat down next to the woman and let her pet her head – no fussing at all. She just sat there and looked into the woman’s eyes.

Coco has added an element to my life that I never knew was missing. I have friends with dogs and I listen to how they talk about the human/canine relationship, but I never got it before. Now I do. Coco is a snuggler, so when we are settling in for the night, she’ll snuggle up in my arms and roll over on her back and just “relate”. She’s very good at communicating “scratch me here” or “rub my nose just this way.” She does the same thing each morning when we wake up. What a way to begin and end a day! Sometimes she sleeps at the foot of the bed, sometimes on the floor in the bedroom, sometimes in her crate. But she’s always close by and taking care of me. She has a ferocious bark which she uses liberally when someone walks by the house at night. That’s good. What’s not so great is that she uses the same ferocious bark at length whenever anything walks by her fence – another dog, a squirrel, someone on a bike… But I like that she is a good watch dog, so I’m reluctant to train that out of her.

She is a powerful, healthy dog – she hovers around 50 pounds, which is just what I hoped for. She’s not what I would call a finnicky eater, but she simply doesn’t eat if she doesn’t want to. I worried about that at first. Then I realized that some days she’ll eat twice and other days she may not eat at all. It’s just her way.

So, I guess that is the whole story. I hope you and your family are doing well. I know you had a couple of litters earlier this year, and I talked with Sophia Brooks who said you just had another one. Are your still getting mostly chocolates and blacks, or have you gotten other colors? I have to say that I keep thinking Coco needs a sister, but as long as Peepers is around, we’ll remain a Three-Girl Household.

Best regards.


TenaAnd Her Dog, Coco Chanel

Thank you Ed so much for meeting with us tonight. My decision is only to be certain that a labradoodle/or dog of any kind, fits into our life. I wanted more to see the size of the dog. I must admit, they are larger than I expected, but in every other aspect perfect. If I decide to get a dog, I would feel so comfortable and priviledged in getting a dog from you. I loved your momma and the way the puppies are with a family. No cages!!!!! Everything you said, I couldn’t have been more happy to hear. Your puppies are just darling. Everyone stole my heart, but Purple surely filled every nook and cranny. HAHAHA I will be in touch with you very soon. I just need to make sure that a larger than expected dog still fits into our life. Again, I am certain who will provide me with a labradoodle….and that’s you and Teresa.

Thank you again.

Diane and Michael.

Diane and Michael

Ed and Teresa,

Mia (aka Rainbow) did awesome last night. She seemed a little tired out when we got home but by 9:00 last night she got her second wind. Ha Ha!! She slept in her crate in our bed with no problem. She also has not had an accident she follows the other two dogs out and goes as soon as she gets in the backyard. She doesn’t want treats as a reward she loves when you praise her and rub her back. She is awesome- we have truly been blessed with a great new family member. I will send you pictures soon. We took oodles last night when she was playing.
Thank you again,

Tracy Dixon

Tracy DixonAnd Their Dog, Mia (aka Rainbow)

Hi Ed and Teresa,
Just wanted to give you an update on Marley. She is a delight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Took her to the vet today. Bonnie Brae, Dr. Angel Mitchell, who totally fell in love with her. She loved her temperment, conformation and health. I told her about you and your puppies. Marley was not stressed at all. In fact, after the temperature check, laid down and took a snooze. She “goes potty” whenever we take her out. Although, sometimes, after playing in the house, will just walk over without warning and pee! Never poo. She plays hard, sleeps hard and loves hard. She is very brave and independent. Every time we expose her to another part of our property, she becomes confident and goes off on her own. We are about ready to put a leash on her since she does not know her name or any commands. If we take her somewhere she doesn’t know (down our street), she stays close. On our property, she is very, very brave.

We are just loving her. She is just a joy and very smart. Figured out the first day about where her feed and water bowls are. After just one time sitting on the sofa with us, she nows tries to jump up. Just too darn smart! Won’t be long when she will be able to and that is not acceptable. So hard to say no to her except when she starts chewing on lamp cords and my plants outside. HAHAHA

Thank you so much again for giving me such a well-adjusted, loving, smart, good looking dog. Oh, and since she really doesn’t know her name, if I really need her attention, I say “puppies” just like Teresa and she always comes to alert position. Thank goodness for all that good training!


DianeAnd Her Dog, Marley

What an angel CLEMENTINE is! You are right, she is sooooooo sweet. Raegan and Avery are having a blast with her. She really is doing pretty good with potty training. Only one accident each day. And as we speak, she is sound to sleep.I took her for a walk a few minutes ago, but we endedup running most of the way…..she LOVES to run. Our neighbors are crazy about her….and they have all brought her gifts….so she now has more toys than our kids! I hope you realize what a truly unselfish thing you have done for us. And we love you for it!!!!!!! I will let you know how the vet appt goes.


KariAnd Her Dog, Clementine

Here is a photo of Scarlet Tallulah Belle (Lula), adopted by the Appanaitis family of Lewisville, NC. Lula is now in training school (the whole family goes to learn) and is the star pupil. Members of our class are amazed at how fast she learns and can’t believe how easy she was to house break. She is up to 24 pounds (she was born August 3). She is the most loving and sweet dog and has exceeded all of our expectations. I’ve made newer photos and when they are developed, I’ll send them. She has not had her operation yet, but will after Christmas. Thanks!

Mariedith Appanaitis

Mariedith AppanaitisAnd Her Dog, Lula

We had the most wonderful experience meeting Marley and his adopted parents Mr. and Mrs. Roemer, today. Naturally, we fell head over heels in love with him. We are close neighbors – Hendersonville, NC. My wife and I own the Silver Fox Gallery. Three years ago we lost our companion a black and tan cocker, Maggie. We are over our grieving period and realize how much we miss our pet. So many of the characteristics that you have discussed are precisely in line with what we would be looking for in a new family member. We are in our middle – to late fifties and while we have 5 grandchildren only two of the five live near enough to visit with frequency.Marley’s parents said that you were wonderful to work with and they really were quite complimentary about your breeding methods. We would be interested in know if you have in the way of a really good Doodle looking to fill the void in our life?

Just a quick report to let you know we’re all doing great…Molly is so smart – and just a joy to have. We’ve pulled the crate back into our room – and she is waking up usually once a night… and no peeing so the whining is definitely telling us her needs! The potty training is coming along – she definitely knows what to do when we go outside – although she still is a peeing machine. ! We’ve been working on the crate training – leaving her now for up to two hours at a time… with no accidents. She has ‘Sit’ and ‘Down’ almost nailed…she is a smarty pants!

I have taken more pics this week to celebrate 10 wks old! I have to download them on computer…will do this week and send updates!
Thanks again for ‘being there’ for us – its very comforting. We’ve given multiple people your website and name… because Molly is soooooo cute!!

Talk to you soon

MarthaAnd Her Dog, Marley

Hi Ed! Stacy and I would like to thank you so much for our newest family member. He is AWSOME! He is fitting right in. He is so smart – already in the first week he has learned SIT, STAY, COME, LAY DOWN. He is very sweet – loves to cuddle. Thank you again…it has been a pleasure meeting you and your wife.

Thanks again!
Stacy and Rana Jordahl

The Jordahl’s

HI Ed,
Funny you called Fenway a female because we do it to the poor little guy all the time!!! He is adapting just wonderfully…loving his new siblings. I gave your contact info to one of my students parents. You may receive a call from the Cain family inquiring as to whether Fenways other little brother you emailed the photo to me of is still available. We can’t thank you enough for the love you gave our little boy during his early days he is certainly a little love bug!!!

We will send you some photos for sure!!!

~Suzanne Vacirca

Suzanne VacircaAnd Her Dog, Fenway

We absolutely love our PUP! Jessi goes to work with me eveyday, greets the clients, quietly lays under my desk, and then escorts the clients to the door to leave. She has become a staple to our business. We adore her. She is completely ROTTEN!!!!! I will forward photos of her along with the vet records. I will say I haven’t been a very good photographer.
Thanks again!

Happy CustomerAnd Their Dog, Jessi

We’re doing very well. Thx. Hershey is wonderful, absolutely great. The kids and I love her to death and the feeling is mutual certainly. Presently, she is attending “boot camp” at a dog obedience/training facility out in the country about 30 minutes from home. I’m actually getting ready to depart the office and do some training with her and just play. She does miss us as we’ve been once already, and you could tell how excited she was. She went crazy when we arrived and more crazy when we left! I’ve recently installed an underground fence but have not really begun the training as she was home for about a week or so before she departed to training camp. I’ll really need to get on the fence training upon her return which is expected next w-e. Thx again. BTW, she has not yet been spade as my vet told me to wait until she has been hot at least once. That’s it for now. Thx again for checking up.
Lastly, we may just drop in sometime on our way to my bro’s house in Greenville SC as your place is essentially on the way! We’ll call of course. And I think my brother, his wife and their two kids will end up at your place in next yr. or so to purchase as they love Hershey and the type dog she is. Love the little/no shedding part and the sweetness. I’m ecstatic that I actually bit the bullet and got her.

Happy Customer

Hello Ed and Teresa –
Just wanted to send you some pics of Emma (Black Natural). She is such a joy. We can’t imagine our home without her. She has been so easy to train. Fully potty trained in a matter of a couple months, has never chewed anything she is not supposed to, doesn’t shed, cannot get enough loving, what else can you ask for in a dog??? We cannot thank you enough for providing these wonderful dogs. I have told everyone who has asked about the breed and have told them where we got her. We love her.

Thanks Again,
Dean and Melissa Barnes

The BarnesAnd Their Dog, Emma

Hi Ed,
I have attached a copy of the invoice we received from the vet for Brewster’s neutering. Please let me know if you need further documentation. Brewster is doing fantastic. He is a very good boy and we get compliments on him all of the time. I have given several people your name when they have asked where we got him. We couldn’t have asked for a better dog, and my husband tells me several times a week how happy he is to have Brewster in our lives – really we don’t remember life before him. He’s a very loving dog, a big ham, and everyone knows him on the block. I have attached a few pictures we took while on vacation at Hilton Head Island over the 4th.

Please feel free to give any of your potential clients our name and phone number as a reference – we would be happy to tell anyone how pleased we are with our Doo South Labradoodle.

Jennifer Grover

Jennifer GroverAnd Her Dog, Brewster

The puppy has been great. We had her work with a trainer and he said she was the best labradoodle he had seen in terms of size, intelligence, and temperment. We had her spayed earlier this week and will get you the paperwork shortly.



Dear Ed and Teresa,

I cannot begin to tell you what a wonderful companion Baci is for me. He is beautiful and well mannered and a good soul. He has also turned out to be a therapy dog (minus the formal training). I was diagnosed with breast cancer about 15 months ago and Baci was there with me through all the treatments, surgery, and recovery. I truly attribute my quick recovery to the fact that Baci insisted on “walking me” all through chemotherapy and now runs with me. In fact, because of Baci and my exercise routine, I will be running in the Susan Koman “Race for the Cure” 5-K race next weekend. Thank you for Baci!

I, therefore, have been thinking about a second dog. Baci loves other dogs (and cats, squirrels, possums, whatever) and I think he would love to have a pal to keep him company and to play with. I noticed your recent litters will be available around November and that might give me enough time to talk my husband into it. I think Baci’s demeanor is a lot like his mother, Allie. She was such a lovely, laid back, and well mannered dog. Except for Baci’s enthusiastically demonstrative greetings, he is also pretty laid back. I would love to have another one of Allie’s pups if she is one of the mothers.

So, let me know what your new puppies are like and what might be available.

Happy CustomerAnd Their Dog, Baci

Dear Ed and Teresa,
We want to claim the best labradoodle ever…our Lucie that we bought from you in July. She is absolutely beautiful, smart, and generous with her affections.
We have a question that we know you can clarify for us. Can you please explain Lucie’s lineage? Out of 5 people in the family we have 3 different ideas of lucie’s parents etc. Are both her parents labradoodles? how many generations up did they breed a lab with a poodle? Everyone keeps asking our family and we can’t get it right. Can you start at the point of when the lab and poodle were breed on both sides of Lucie’s parents?

Lastly, I am thinking about getting a second dog in the next year , but not sure I want to do the puppy again. Do you know of any ideas on how we can get an older labradoodle?
Thanks so much and we hope you all are doing well.

Renee Masaschi

Renne MasaschiAnd Her Dog, Lucie

Ed and Teresa,

I want to thank you for the time you spent with Anne and I on Saturday. It was wonderful and breathtaking to visit “all” the puppies. They are truly a beautiful breed. You take such great care of them and they are healthy, happy and so playful. Bailey is wonderful and I so enjoyed Moose. I can’t wait to bring a little one home with me.
Thanks for your recommendation of items to have for their care….crate, grooming, etc…….
See you again soon,

Nancy Norwood

Nancy Norwood

Hi Everyone, Several of you have ask for pictures of our newest member to the family, Aslan. He is a total DREAM. He is a love bug and a cuddler that sleeps through the night and is doing great with potty training. He is almost too good to be true. I have gotten nothing done. He looks at me and tilts his head, so I hold him constantly. Plus, we have had a ton of visitors. Prissy isn’t loving him yet, but hopefully, that will change. Jeff just got in town and loves him too. Aslan has already slept with Preston all night:))
Can you tell I am geedy???? My heart has been stolen again!

Happy CustomerAnd Their Dog, Aslan

Hi Ed and Teresa. Hope you guys are doing well. I will email the survey in a couple of days. We have been traveling to Virginia daily (1 ½ hrs each way) for my daughter to attend a therapy program. She is doing well. Crosby(green) is doing great! He rings his bells, sits and shakes on command. He is playful and loving. He is still trying to figure out my daughter and why she doesn’t pay him much attention. He snuggles up beside her as she watches her DVD’s. We absolutely love him.

Happy CustomerAnd Their Dog, Crosby

Journey is fantastic, as a matter of fact, we have a face book page for him, you may want to check it out. Journy Anderson (face book wouldn’t let me spell it Journey) I’ll fill out the survey later, but you can check out his pics! there is a couple video’s of his first swim, and him watching a commercial with dogs and music, very funny. He just graduated his advanced obedience and he was the youngest in the class. He goes with us everywhere, he’s our baby. we went to Napa and a dog friendly bed and breakfast and there is pictures of that on my facebook, Donelle (Riggen) Anderson. I also take him to his groomers, it’s called the Pet Spa, and I drop him off a couple of times a week just to play with the other dogs while I have lunch with friends. She’s a little like doggy daycare for only some of us, (whose dogs she really likes) When we take our evening walk, he gets excited when we pass her door downtown. Journey loves his bath, any form of water, snow, and etc. He loves just being with us and has the funniest personality. Sometimes he will try to sneak by us with one of our socks in his mouth and he’ll turn his head so we don’t see it as he passes. That’s when we know something is up and we’ll tell him to “drop it” and he’ll open his mouth just a tiny bit and a piece of sock will show and then we’ll pull this big ole sock out of his mouth that was stuffed in there…. He’s been completely potty trained since about 2 days after bringing him home, he used the pee pad for about a month but prefers to go outside. He also loves grass, my husband put a grassy area in our yard for him, since we live in the mountains and there is not a lot of that, he likes to roll around in it. He sleeps in our room with us on the floor next to the bed, and sometimes at the foot of the bed in the entrance to the bathroom, he likes the cool floor. Sometimes we’ll find Journey laying inside the bath tub! when we get a bigger house, we may get another from you, we love him so much! He’s doing great going with me to work every day. This is by far the best dog we have ever had!


DonelleAnd His Dog, Journey

Hi There!
Here are my pictures for the contest. Hoping there’s not a limit because I have 6! 🙂 Below is our story… —————
My name is Allison, and I have a disease that can cause life threatening reactions to almost anything. I never know when that might happen. I couldn’t find anyone that had ever trained a dog to alert for my condition, and was told that the only way an alert dog might be possible for me was to get a puppy and keep it with me 24/7 in hopes that it would catch the change during a life threatening reaction, and alert. I reserved a doodle puppy at Doo South and just happened to get the very last slot. As the pictures of the litter were updated on the website, I enjoyed looking through them and understood I would either be getting the last puppy from that litter or one from the next. I kept coming to this one certain puppy’s picture that just stole my heart. I would look at it and then think “no, it’s too cute – it will surely go first!” The day came when I first laid eyes on my special puppy … I almost burst into tears – it was the puppy that I already loved so dearly! God had saved the very best puppy of the whole litter for me! Ezra Hudson came home at 8 weeks old, and on the third day of him being with me, he began very intently smelling my mouth during my reactions. (I was having 10-12 reactions a day) Five days after coming home, he alerted for the first time! He started with just a “talky bark” alert … he now uses the talky bark AND (since observing that I get better with what’s in my emergency meds bag) tugs my bag as an alert … and NO, I did not train him to tug my bag! He figured that one out on his own! He is now 10 months old and still faithfully stays with me 24/7 and goes everywhere I go. Before I got Ezra, I couldn’t be in a room by myself for fear of me having a reaction and no one would be there to help. Now Ezra alerts, and I can leave the area where there is a trigger in some instances or get the medication I need to prevent me from having a reaction. Ezra has given me so much more independence! He continues to faithfully and consistently alert before I have a reaction. Even when he’s running around playing, he will periodically come smell my mouth to make sure I’m okay. He is now an official medical alert service dog and is in training to pick things up for me, carry things, is learning to flip the light switch, and to brace himself so he can help me get up if I fall. I’m also hoping to teach him to help me balance as I walk when I need help. He’s such a hard worker, and he LOVES his job AND me! Like I tell people all the time … I didn’t get the last puppy – the left over one. God reserved my special Ezra Hudson especially for me! I love him to bits and thank God for my special gift!

AllisonAnd Her Dog, Ezra

Hello Ed and Teresa,
Chloe is a big hit in our family and we love her so. She sleeps with us!!! And my husband said she is the cleanest dog ever! No smell and no shedding. I would send a picture but you already know what she looks like. When will you have more puppies? We know of someone what wants one.

Linda and Laurie Tate

The Tate’sAnd Their Dog, Chloe

Ed and Teresa,
Skyler is approaching 10 months now and is the toast of the Red Cross here in the Carolinas. He has brought so much joy to our home but also to so many people in the Charlotte market. Amazingly, he won’t officially start at Red Cross until he is 1 year old, but he is well ahead of the curve and spends most of his time at our Emergency Deployment Center. Everyone loves him. Attached are two of our favorite picks. I am sure we will have more Red Cross images as he deploys with me to disasters around the US.


Ben Thorman
American Red Cross Disaster Action Team Captain

Ben ThormanAnd His Dog, Styler

Hi Ed and Teresa!
We hope you and and all the Doodles are doing well! We enjoy keeping up with you and seeing pictures of the current litters on the website, particularly Semper’s relatives. We are so glad that we made the decision to adopt a Labradoodle to be our son’s first dog that he could really call his own! As you know our other dogs were already adults when he was born, and unfortunately he had to experience losing 2 of them within a couple of days of each other almost a year before we adopted “Sir Semper Fi”. He took losing his pets very hard and frequently got emotional when thinking of them or talking about them. Semper has completely turned things around for him! He calls him his best friend and says he’s always there when he needs him. Wherever Caleb is, Semper is right there with him. Of course, things haven’t been perfect— we’ve had our share of mishaps! He loves to chew wood, paper, steal socks and underwear, get into the trashcan, and has an obsession with stuffed animals which we are sure started with all the stuff animals he had as a puppy at your house (his blue rabbit is missing it’s eyes, but is still one of his favorites!). Caleb not once, but twice had his paper reading log shredded by Semper and we even took a picture and sent it to his teacher as proof! BUT we wouldn’t change any of it for the world! He is becoming a much better behaved puppy as time goes on. We were reminded that God does have a sense of humor because I had my mind set on a “miniature” Labradoodle, but Chris and I decided to settle for a “medium” so Caleb could have a buddy he could really play with…however, God decided to show us his sense of humor by blessing us with a lovable, playful “wooly mammoth” who at exactly 10 months old is already 58 pounds! We love his soft coat and let it grow out long until he couldn’t stand the heat of the SC spring/summer and we had to cut it. Since his hair has started growing back, he is only truly “chocolate” on his face, ears, and neck. The rest of his body has a lot of white/silver coming in it——we suppose he wanted to be more like his daddy! Semper will be going on his first vacation with us in a few weeks to stay in a cabin in the mountains of NC. We are hoping that he will love the streams and hiking trails! We will be passing right by your exit on Wed. Aug. 13th, and didn’t know if there might be a remote possibility that if you will be home if we could maybe stop by for a quick (few minute) visit to let Semper see his mom and/or daddy/sister if they are still living with you. If not, that is certainly fine, it’s just a “shot in the wind”! Anyway, we are excited to pick out a couple of pictures to send you for the photo contest——we cannot agree on just one, so we are sending a couple! Take care and we look forward to continuing to follow the lives of all the doodles on your website!

The Clark Family

The Clark’sAnd Their Dog, Semper

We will send a photo in of Panda. She has been an absolute blessing! Before getting Tessy our first doodle I always swore I would never get a dog and especially keep it inside. Tessy has been such a sweet, loving, and smart dog we had no choice, but to get Panda. Panda has been wonderful. She is much more energetic and has her own unique personality compared with Tessy. We love her. They’ve adjusted well to one another. Now I’m spending a lot of my energy trying to convince my wife to get a third doodle. Thanks for working with us and blessing our lives with two special dogs! After having one Child and being heart broken about fertility issues that have prevented us from having additional children Tessy and Panda have become our two girls! We love them

Happy CustomerAnd Their Dog, Panda

Hi Ed and Teresa,
We are putting together some of our favorite photos of Moose for you.
Moose is such a charmer: funny, handsome, smart and sweet. He adapts well, downtown condo or country house, he just wants to be with his “people”. Already he is a great fishing and hunting companion for Chico and has just developed a “big boy bark” to protect me from anything amiss, like a possum in the night. People are amazed at how well he minds both of us, and he’s still just a puppy. He’s quite the celebrity at the Marina, everybody wants their own “Moose dog” after a day on the boat with him and we have given many friends your name for when they are ready.
Did I say he is adorable?? Thank you so much for Moose, he is just the best dog ever and enriches our lives every day!

Fondly, Shawn

ShawnAnd His Dog, Moose

Dear Ed and Teresa,
I just had to send you this picture of JD (alias: DooSouth Flowering Quince, DOB 4/1/2006) and our 17 year old daughter Hope. JD has been such a joy to us! We lost our 12 year old cocker-mix in 2011 and JD was very sad. Our next puppy will definitely come from your kennel!!

Margaret Funke

Margaret FunkeAnd Her Dog, JD

Here are a few pictures taken of Lily last month. I can take more a recent one if you would like. She is such a blessing to us! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to have her in our family. We thank God all the time for creating this dog perfectly for us! We hope you are all well. Many blessings!

Maghan Spring

Maghan SpringAnd Her Dog, Lily

Just a note to let you know how much I am enjoying Charlie. I’ve named him after my best childhood friend with whom I am still in touch. He has been vet-checked and they fell in love with him. He is already up to ten pounds and very active. I’ve taught him to ‘come,, sit, stay, and stay while I walk completely around him. Of course it is not perfect but he is one smart pup. The trainer was very surprised and said he has never seen a pup at that age working with commands. Last night was the first night he slept completely through without having to go out so the crate training is working. And finally this morning he and my cat sniffed each other. The cat has been in hiding since I brought Charlie home. Thanks so much to both of you for helping me write another happy chapter in my book of life.

Mickey Woodhurst

Mickey WoodhurstAnd His Dog, Charlie

Hi Teresa and Ed,
I just wanted to drop you a note with an update on Bella since it is now over 4 weeks that we have had her! She is doing great! She has such a good disposition and is so much fun. I think we have turned a corner on the house training! She is starting to signal to us when she needs to go out! Of course we think she is the smartest dog too! I will send pictures soon…I think she has doubled in size! We go to the vet tomorrow so I look forward to seeing how much she weighs. Hope all is well with you.

Thanks again for such a beautiful dog,

SueAnnAnd Her Dog, Bella

Hi Ed,
hope all is well with you and Teresa. Our puppy, Diva, (Sunday’s Pink) is a wonderful dog and we just love her to death. She was spayed at six months (had a few bladder issues after surgery, but in two weeks was back to her old self) and is enjoying life to the fullest. She was totally house-broken by 10 weeks and has not had an accident (other than spaying situation) since. As I write this, she is happily playing with my other dog (Airedale 4 years old) and my eight year old granddaughter. She caught on to the Invisible Fence without ever getting shocked and has been to basic dog obedience class. We are so happy to have her as an addition.

Happy CustomerAnd Their Dog, Diva

Hi Ed and Teresa – 12 years ago today, you were tending to your first (I think) litter of labradoodles, born to Bailey and sired by Bromley. Hard to believe that so many years have passed and I am still living with my delightful Coco Chanel – a sweet, joyful, opinionated, and smart creature that is just as exuberant now as she was  the day I brought her home to live with me. I had no idea then how truly blessed I would feel through all these years to have such an incredible companion. She is my first dog, so I thought she would be a wonderful addition to my life, but she is so far beyond wonderful I don’t have a word to describe my experience. Thank you so much for making the decision to breed labradoodles and for entrusting one of your precious babies to me! Here she is on her 12th Birthday.


Fondly – Tena Frank  

Fondly – Tena Frank